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About Good Steward Ecoscapes

Aqua Logos "Backyard Conservation"

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     At Good Steward Ecoscapes, our passion is Practical Backyard Conservation. We specialize in transforming your yard into an established ecosystem for wildlife. Our artwork attracts birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, allowing you to enjoy watching them in your backyard oasis!

     We believe that water is life, Aqua Logos, without it we wouldn't be here. Our ponds, waterfalls, and fountainscapes rely on natural filtration and use no harmful chemicals like chlorine. For every water feature we build or maintain, we recommend native plants to help filter the water and provide a food source for local wildlife.

     Within our landscape work, we recommend native plants to create an ecosystem where birds, butterflies, and local wildlife can thrive. Once established, native landscaping is low maintenance and does not require any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides - meaning you will not be exposed to harmful chemicals.

     Have questions on koi health or goldfish health? We also specialize in koi health consulting.

     Contact us today for a consultation for your backyard oasis!

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pondless waterfall, native landscaping, naturally filtered water, bird bath
monarch butterfly, aster, native plant, native flower, butterfly garden, pollinator garden, native landscaping

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