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Our Three Landscaping Components

Our ecologically friendly landscaping approach offers three critical components to supporting local ecosystems through backyard conservation: providing food, habitat, and a source of naturally filtered drinking water.
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Design and Build

Through proper design your outdoor living space can become a backyard paradise for local wildlife, where you can enjoy the outdoors and provide a home for birds, butterflies, and more!

Contact us to see how we can install or improve your pond, waterfall, or native garden!


Ponds, waterfalls, and native gardens need regular cleaning to prevent them from growing wild and disorderly, and to maintain optimal health.

Occasionally plants die and need to be replaced. Contact us about our native plant options!


For optimum enjoyment with your family, we offer regular maintenance options for your pond, waterfall, and native plant garden.

Contact us to learn more about our monthly, biweekly, or weekly maintenance and gardening packages!

Our Services

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