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Fall Garden Cleanup

Fall is here and your garden needs to be tidied up! We offer clean up services to close your garden.

  • Starting at $250*

Service Description

Gardens are beginning to go dormant for the Fall. We offer services for Fall Cleaning in your garden. If you are looking for Fall Leaf Cleanup, we simply recommend leaving the leaves where they fall! Leaves offer a safe place for insects like butterflies, moths, and fireflies to overwinter! The leaves will act as a natural mulch and will fertilize your soil when they decompose the following year. We will clean up leaves in a small area if desired; however, we recommend they be placed in your garden beds for fertilizer and mulch. We primarily use rakes, we do not use lawn mowers to collect leaves, we use leaf blowers sparingly. Native plants do not need the leaves to be removed. If you have an exotic lawn (kentucky bluegrass) and would like leaves to be completely removed (rather than relocated) we recommend hiring a lawncare company. We recommend leaving all stems and leaf debris from dormant perennials until June as many pollinator species hibernate in stems through the end of May. We also recommend leaving the seed heads for birds to forage on during the winter. If desired, we can cut stems back to a foot in height, we will then place the seed heads on the ground for the birds to forage. We recommend leaving the remainder of the stem to naturally decompose in your garden and act as both a mulch and fertilizer. Note: We do not offer lawncare services. We do not fertilize or aerate lawns. We do not recommend using herbicides or pesticides in lawns as this can be detrimental for insect populations which are a crucial source of food for birds and small mammals. *Prices vary by garden size, conditions, number of trips, and location. Debris removal is an extra fee.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us two days in advance.

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Plainfield, IL, USA

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