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Invasive Species Removal

Our forests are being overrun by invasive species. Remove them to preserve native ecosystems!

  • Starting at $300*

Service Description

Many common plants in suburban landscaping originates on different continents like Europe or Asia and they are invasive in our ecosystems. These species reproduce so quickly that they out compete native plants, destroying local ecosystems and food webs. Many of these species were once common in garden centers or as original plantings with new home construction. If plants can be hand-pulled they will be. However, once established these plants often need to be dug out or cut then treated with an herbicide to kill them and stop them from growing and spreading to other areas. Common invasive plant species include: burning bush, japanese bush honeysuckle, tartarian honeysuckle, callery (bradford) pear, and garlic mustard. *Prices vary by garden size, conditions, number of trips, debris removal and location.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us two days in advance.

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Plainfield, IL, USA

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