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Lake Maintenance Package

Our maintenance service for retention ponds and large ponds. Monthly, semi-monthly, and weekly.

  • Starting at $2,425*

Service Description

Large ponds and small lakes need regular maintenance for optimum enjoyment, fish health, and water clarity. We specialize in using ecofriendly, natural filtration methods to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering our public waterways. Our understanding of aquatic ecosystems puts us above our competitors. For unsightly algae and unwanted aquatic plants, we prefer using manual or mechanical removal methods when reasonable. Aquatic safe herbicides may be used upon request, or if needed for removal of invasive species. Prices widely vary based on a multitude of factors, available in weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly packages.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us two days in advance.

Contact Details


Plainfield, IL, USA

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