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Landscaping with Living Water

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

At Good Steward Ecoscapes, we specialize in servicing water features that are filtered through natural processes, creating a local living ecosystem in your yard. We call this concept, Aqua Logos, or “Living Water”, all living things need water, without it we wouldn’t survive. We are passionate about supporting local ecosystems and we believe that every yard will positively impact wildlife by having a water feature that uses natural filtration. Birds will flock to these features to safely drink from, frogs will find new homes, and dragonflies will have a place to thrive and engorge themselves on mosquitoes. This is unlike traditional features that either use harmful chemicals or they have no filtration at all. Water features we service are low maintenance, making them a 24/7/365 joy for both wildlife and the homeowner. Whether you are looking for low-budget curb-appeal, or a wildlife oasis, we provide options for every homeowner.

The first category of water feature can either be the simplest, or the most complex formal artwork for your landscaping. Fountainscapes are an excellent option for homeowners looking to add curb appeal, or a formal waterfall getaway in their private backyard. Due to the vast differences in their design, these water features can range anywhere from just a couple thousand dollars, to up to over $100,000 for new installations. Fortunately, these features can be the simplest to maintain. For homeowners simply looking to add a budget-friendly source of naturally filtered water for birds to drink out of, this is a great option. View this short video on our Youtube channel for reference.

The second category includes waterfalls and streams, this is perhaps the most popular option as many customers admire the natural look of the waterfalls; but, they don’t want the fish of a pond. Waterfalls are a great option for homeowners looking to add the sound of water to their yard, especially to drown out road noise. When properly designed, streams and waterfalls will attract dozens of birds as they look for a fresh drink of water. If you are looking to attract frogs to your yard and give your kids or dogs an opportunity to splash in the hot summer sun, waterfalls and streams are excellent options. Given their greater complexity, they come at a slightly higher cost than fountainscapes.

The final category is my favorite – ponds! For those looking to fully benefit local ecosystems, ponds are the best option. The style of ponds we service are ecosystem ponds which rely on naturally filtering bacteria and the use of aquatic plants. Ever since we began building our pond, my wife and I have enjoyed watching from our living room window and watching the birds drink from its edges. Robins, juncos, doves, cardinals, and more all frequent our pond daily. Before we had the plumbing for our pond hooked up, a young bullfrog made our pond its home. During the summer we enjoy watching the dragonflies dancing in the sun. Bird watchers will enjoy the opportunity to see dozens of different species around their pond. Every pond owner (including myself) I know of has had a visit from both mallard ducks and great blue herons. I’ve seen videos of hawks bathing; as well as owls and even bats drinking from ponds. Ponds are the Cadillac of water features. They offer multiple benefits at a slightly higher cost than a waterfall or stream.

Many who are considering a pond are concerned with mosquitoes. When ponds are designed properly, they aren’t a problem! I noticed a significant difference in the amount of mosquitoes in our yard from the year before to the year our pond was built. Here’s the secret: the fish will eat the mosquito larvae, and dragonflies eat mosquitoes! Remember those birds that will visit your pond? They’re not the only animals that eat mosquitoes. Contrary to popular belief, hummingbirds don’t only eat nectar they also eat mosquitoes. Other predators of mosquitoes that are uniquely found in pond ecosystems are copepods and diving beetles.

To top it all off, you can decorate your water feature, whether it’s a fountainscape, waterfall, or pond with native plants. The use of plants in your feature will help naturally keep the water clean as they pull out nutrients in the water. The native plants will also provide a snack for all the wildlife visiting to get a drink. In addition, you can use waterproof lighting to extend your viewing pleasure well into the evening, or early morning, hours. Lights are a great way to enhance the look of your feature, the lights will shimmer as your water circulates.

If you are looking for a relaxing way to update your landscaping and want to support wildlife, consider a naturally filtered living water feature. We offer both installation and maintenance services. If you are a DIYer we also offer consultation services as well.

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