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Native Landscaping with Living Water

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Welcome to Good Steward Ecoscapes! We are a native landscaping company that specializes in living landscapes and water features. Our approach promotes local ecosystems with the use of native plants and naturally filtered water. With conservation in mind we design, build, and maintain backyard native landscapes and water features. We also offer invasive plant removal services for the restoration and preservation of our local habitats. For hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers we also offer retail and consultation services.

Good Steward Ecoscapes was founded with “Backyard Conservation” in mind as a practical solution to conservation efforts. As suburban growth continues to develop, territory loss further impacts wildlife and the health of our ecosystems. The native plants in our work provide both a food source and habitat for native wildlife such as butterflies, birds, and small mammals severely impacted by suburban development. Wetland destruction in Illinois has contributed alarmingly to over 70% of the original Illinois wetlands being destroyed. We believe that water is life, Aqua Logos. Having naturally filtered water features such as ponds, waterfalls, or fountainscapes is a critical component of supporting these lost local ecosystems. Providing food, habitat, and naturally filtered water are the three cornerstones to our landscaping approach.

As a Christian company, our values are the foundation of who we are. First and foremost, our Faith drives us to serve our customers and our communities with integrity, commitment to service, and stewardship. Our customers can trust us to do the job correctly with their best interests in mind. Our commitment to conservation is founded in scriptures in Genesis 1:28; we embrace the responsibility of the stewardship of our planet’s resources, as defined by our belief in “Backyard Conservation”. Second, we believe the Family is the most valuable asset to our communities. Our work culture embraces a work-life balance allowing our employees and partners to provide for and enjoy time with those they love most. Through our work, we offer beautiful outdoor living spaces where families are able to build memorable experiences together. Finally, we believe that common Fellowship promotes healthier, stronger communities. Our customers and members are united through the belief that outdoor living spaces are where man coexists with nature in a beautiful, inspirational way. Through communal support, our members are able to encourage and inspire one another.

We invite you to join us as we restore our local ecosystems, one backyard at a time.

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