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Pond Deluxe Cleanout

Drain, power wash, rinse, clean pond filters, and reinstall pumps.

  • Starting at $600*

Service Description

Every Spring ponds should get a full Spring Cleanout for optimum health of the pond and for the koi and / or goldfish. A Spring Cleanout consists of draining the pond, safely transporting fish to a temporary holding tank, power washing rocks and gravel, rinsing the sludge, removing dead plant matter, cleaning the biological and mechanical filters, reinstalling the pumps, and treating the pond with beneficial bacteria for a fresh start to the new year. Once finished and water is added back into the pond the koi and / or goldfish are safely transported and acclimated to their new, clean home! Waterlilies and marginal plants can be fertilized for an additional cost. Broken pond lights can be replaced for an additional cost. Prices start at $600. Pricing varies based on pond size, depth, last cleaning, last Fall Shutdown, etc.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact us two days in advance.

Contact Details

  • Plainfield, IL, USA


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